Taking a bath
The students will perform 14 out of the 16 steps on the task analysis for bathing for 3 consecutive data collection days.
Materials: Bathtubs, soap, shampoo, wash cloth, towel, and task analysis
The students will learn how to bath themselves following the steps of a task analysis made for them. It is essential for students to learn how to properly bath themselves to be successful in the least restrictive environment that will be available to them. It is also important because this is a skill when comparing to same age peers that they should be able to do.
Lesson Opening
Gaining attention:
In order to gain the students’ attention the teacher will go over a graphic organizer with pictures of the items needed for taking a bath and also the steps of taking a bath. This activity will allow the teacher to expose the students to the steps of the task analysis. The students all find water to be very reinforcing and enjoy bath time. After going over the steps of the task analysis on in the graphic organizer the teacher will have the students go to the bathroom with the tub.
Lesson Body
The teacher will use a doll in order to be able to model how to take a bath. The teacher will tell the students “this doll is going to show us how to take a bath”. The teacher will then say “the first thing the doll needs to do before getting into its tub is to take its clothes off”. The teacher will then pretend to have the doll turn on the water. Then the teacher will have the doll pull up the stopper. Next the teacher will get a towel and wash cloth. The teacher will say “we use the wash cloth to bath our body”. Next the teacher will turn off the water. The teacher will then put the doll into the tub. After the doll is in the tub the teacher will put shampoo in its hair. The teacher will wash and rinse the doll’s hair. Next the teacher will put soap on a wash cloth and wash the doll’s body. The teacher will then rinse the doll’s body and say “we have to get all the soap off”. Then the teacher would unstop the drain. The teacher would get the doll out of the tub and show her students how to dry off. The teacher would then say “we need to then get dressed” and dress the doll.
After modeling how to take a bath the teacher will tell the students “now it’s your turn to bath our friend” and have each student come up to help give the doll a bath. The teacher will use hand over hand prompting to ensure the student does all the steps of taking a bath. While the student is helping with the doll the teacher will be providing verbal praise for completing the steps. At a later time the teacher will assess each student individually on their ability to complete the steps of the task analysis independently. The teacher will allow use a time delay procedure to assess whether the student is able complete the step independently. The task will be presented; if the student does not complete the step within three seconds the teacher will move in with a hand over hand prompt to have them complete the step successfully. After that step is completed the student will move onto the next step until all steps of the task analysis are completed either independently or with prompts. The teacher will record whether the student completed each step independently or with prompts on the data collection sheet.
Lesson Closing
After completing the steps of the task analysis the students will receive verbal praise and be allowed access to a highly preferred item. Taking a bath is something all the students enjoy so the bath itself will also be reinforcing for them.

Taking a bath task analysis attached.